Our frozen wholesale pizza bases are made here in the UAE following strict traditional Italian recipes in order to recreate the same shape, taste and texture of an authentic Italian pizza. We use only a few simple and high quality raw materials: high strength 100% Italian artisanal flour, extra virgin olive oil, crushed tomato from Naples, water, salt and yeast.

Hand stretching and long proofing not only give our pizzas a great taste but also ensure a very high digestibility.

We have dough balls and standard round products including plain pizza bases, pizza bases with tomato and Margherita all in different sizes (12, 17, 22, 28 and 30cm).

We can also customize and produce oval, square or rectangular pizza, with different types of crusts and dimensions. 

The blast freezing process and the vacuum flow packing further enhance the quality and consistency of our pizzas, ready to bake in few minutes from frozen.

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Slider Muesli x linkedin and wordpressSlider All Bran for linkedin and wordpressSouth Tyrol, on the border with Austria, a territory in complete harmony with nature, is Italy’s best and most famous area for the cultivation of grains such as wheat, spelt, emmer, oats, barley, rye and buckwheat.

The wide variety of cereals products that Venosta have been producing for more than 85 years, includes crunchy cornflakes and delicious muesli mixtures like Choco Muesli, Berry Muesli, Mixed Fruit and Honey Muesli, Crunchy Muesli and much more !

Highly professional but at the same time artisanal production processes have made of Venosta the market leader in Italy and many other export markets for quality, range and price competitiveness.

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Slider acai fruit puree for linkedinIntroducing our latest addition to a wide range of frozen fruit puree. Also called the Amazonian palm berry (a grape-like fruit native to the Amazon rainforest) acai is probably the healthiest berry that you can add to your diet. The acai berry (Euterpe oleraceae) in fact is one of the most nutritious fruits on the planet, heralded for centuries for its healing, immune-stimulating, energy-boosting properties.

Main Benefits of Acai berries

  • Promotes Heart Health
  • Stops Bad Cell Proliferation
  • Aids Weight Loss
  • Promotes Skin Health
  • Helps Digestion
  • Reduces Irritation
  • Improves Cellular Health
  • Immune System Booster
  • Has Anti-Aging Effects
  • Boosts Energy
  • Encourages a Healthy Libido
  • Improves Mental Function

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Slider frozen avocado cubes for linkedinFor Italian Food Masters offering convenience to our Clients means also offering frozen diced avocado, allowing them to nourish their customers with healthy fats as easy as possible.

Picked at the right point of maturity and cut with the greatest care our frozen avocado products stand out for they nice texture and natural taste. They are perfect to use in a salad or wrap or on a sandwich as well as for guacamole, smoothies and dips.

No more waiting 3-4 days for an avocado to ripen. No more brown avocados in the garbage. Our frozen avocado cubes are “washed, peeled, diced and ready to use

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Slider Gelato da mar for linkedinThe Republic of Venice ‘La Serenissima’ celebrated the Marriage of the Sea, staging an extravagant parade of boats to bring good luck, during which the Doge would drop a consecrated ring into the water, a gift symbolising the deep symbiosis between the city and the sea. Our exclusive supplier from Venice Premiata Gelateria Michielan has decided to commemorate this ancient rite, still re-enacted today as part of a very colourful period reconstruction, by creating an exceptional product that fully lives up to the grand history of a city with a charm like no other in the world.

Dose da Mar is an amazing, natural gelato in a luxury tin, free from colouring agents and artificial flavours, it contains no hydrogenated fats, stabilisers or emulsifiers.

It is made by combining careful doses of fats, cream, sugars and high quality milk . The cream has a minimum fat percentage of 38%.

HABEMUS PANEM – We have bread !

Slider bread for linkedin and wordpressOur UAE Frozen Pizza factory has just started producing also high quality bread: frozen, thaw and serve.

Made with Italian artisanal flours, including re-ground semolina and based on the recipes of famous master bakers. From 25 or 40 gram rolls and mini ciabattas to demi baguettes, ciabattas 130 grams or 1 kilo country loafs ideal for sandwiches and bruschetta, all our brad are extremely light and crispy with an unmistakable home-made look.

Our bread production model is the same one used to produce the frozen pizza, simply the best combination of manual processes and automated functions to ensure products quality and consistency with the highest compliance to safety standards.

We are also producing mouth watering focaccias, white with cherry tomato, whole wheat with rosemary, onion and much more.

The range is big enough to respond to the needs of any F&B operation, whether a coffee shop, restaurant, catering Company or Hotel.

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Slider All Bran for linkedin and wordpressIn the Venosta Valley, South Tyrol, the Italian northernmost region, just a few kilometers from Austria and Switzerland, there exists a special territory with wide valleys and mountains towering up into the sky to 4000 meters. This is where the entrepreneurial Fuchs family has been producing premium cereals for more than 90 years.

Italy’s leading producers of breakfast cereals and muesli, the name Fuchs stands for highest quality and best value for money.

Today we are introducing in the UAE market their Bran Enriched Wheat Flakes. The latest addition to the wide variety of cereals and muesli that we supply to many Hotels throughout the UAE for a healthy, easy, delicious breakfast that fuels a healthy gut. Wheat bran fibre in fact is a superior fibre in relation to its efficacy in accelerating intestinal transit and has the most scientific evidence.

  • Whole wheat with wheat bran
  • High in 11 vitamins and minerals
  • 110 calories per serving
  • 20% of recommended daily fiber intake in one serving
  • 100% of daily vitamins B, C, E, iron and zinc

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