Madeleines are typically small sponge cakes made in France. In fact the petite madeleine was first created in northeastern France in the Lorraine area. The mixture of flour, sugar, butter and ground nuts is baked in a unique baking pan with shell-like mould. They are so delicate, tiny and lovely shaped !

We wanted to break away from the deja-vu sweet varieties already available in the UAE market and for this reason we have started importing to Dubai and the rest of the Arab Emirates the mini savoury version made with pesto sauce.

This recipe for Madeleines Salées or savoury uses ingredients more typical of Italy and of the Mediterranean cost such as olive oil and basil. The end result is a very unusual and refreshing twist.

The application of these little bites is endless, from breakfast to brunch, banqueting and coffee breaks buffets and even as a snack for an aperitif or a quick starter.

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The perfect dessert for any occasion especially if you want to surprise your guests, clients and dear ones !

Three combinations of premium gelato in ceramic cups with far eastern inspired decorations.

Irresistible flavours to spoil all the gelato and ice cream lovers in Dubai and UAE with a hand made gelato made in Italy that is topped with nuts and rippled with fruits or cream sauces.

A great dessert solution for corporate events too.

And on top of that you also keep the cups !

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Especially designed and conceived for the seafood lovers, we offer exquisite gourmet gift boxes that feature a selection of the finest flavours from the Cantabrian Sea.

Produced and perfectly packed by ARROYABE form Bermeo in Spain, our premium gourmet gift boxes are the perfect way to delight friends, family or clients.

Each gif box contains a selection of white and yellow fin tuna, ventresca, cockles and sardines all in olive oil canned or in glass jars.

Since 1898, Arroyabe has been operating in Bermeo just 40 minutes from Bilbao one of the mainstays of the Basque fishing industry with the most significant inshore fleet in the Bay of Biscay.

White Tuna, also known as Albacore or Bonito del Norte, is considered a superior tuna because of its exquisite flavour, white tone and smooth texture. White Tuna is caught in summer in the Gulf of Biscay using traditional and ecological fishing methods (Pole & Line). This exquisite treatment guarantees its quality and freshness.

Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus Albacares), together with White Tuna is considered a premium tuna because of its refined taste and smooth texture. It has a bit stronger flavour than white tuna and its colour is a little redder.

Tuna Belly or Ventresca is the most flavorful part of tuna and therefore the most appreciated one. This combined with our traditional preparation and high quality ingredients produces a delicate tuna belly with exquisite taste.

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Pre-baked and frozen, so it does not need additional preparation, but only thawing at room temperature for 45 minutes, while successfully maintaining top quality, taste and long-lasting freshness.

From this winter, we have started importing and distributing tartaruga, a new member of the famous somuni and lepinje bread family. Tartaruga is equal in characteristics and taste to flat bread, but its more regular and squared shape makes it more suitable for manipulation and consumption. With a larger spreading area, tartaruga is ideal for any type of sandwich preparation. It will easily enrich any barbecue dish, hot dog or sausage, kebab or shawarma, salami or ham.

It is pre-baked and frozen, so it does not need additional preparation, but only thawing at room temperature for 45 minutes, while successfully maintaining top quality, taste and long-lasting freshness. Like other products from our bakery range, tartaruga bears the clean Label, which means that it does not contain e-numbers.

Tartaruga is distributed throughout UAE on a daily basis and in a very short time. The net weight of this great wheat flour delicacy is 120 grams.

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Ethiopia is the country of origin of the coffee; the only country in the world where coffee plants grow in the wild.

In the local language, the word for coffee is “bunn” or “buna”. The origin of coffee is Kaffa a province on the southwestern side of Ethiopia and coffee was sometimes referred to as “Kaffa bunn,” or coffee from Kaffa. For this reason, some believe that the term “coffee bean” is an anglicization of “Kaffa bunn”.

Our coffee comes from one of the largest forests of Ethiopia, The Harenna Forest, located in the magnifi cent Mountains of the Bale National Park, 350 km south of the capital Addis Abeba. Here, in the shade of tall trees, at an altitude of circa 1800 meters, arabica coffee grows spontaneously. For thousands of years, each family goes to the forest to harvest the berries, which are then dried in the sun on suspended nets and subsequently roasted and crushed in mortars. Coffee is offered to guests following an ancient ceremony, a solemn rite full of symbolism about respect and hospitality. The ripened coffee berries are harvested by hand, choosing the most red ones: a job that is shared with the local fauna, both accomplice and antagonist, respecting the relationship between nature and man. The Presidium of the wild forest coffee of Harenna consist of 60 families and it promotes the shortening of the production chain, the protection of quality and of the territory and it guarantees dignity and a correct recognition of the people involved.

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Carnival isn’t only masks and costumes; a huge part of the celebration are the fried pastries, frittelle and galani. Meant to be part of the last bit of indulgences before the Lenten Quaresima season starts, you’ll find both of these pastries everywhere during Carnival, piled high and on display in all the pastry shops and bakeries windows. They are also commonly served as the complimentary end to every restaurant meal especially in Venice.

Apparently Frittelle were already known in Ancient Rome as “frictilia”.

In more modern times, and under the Venetian influence, frittelle spread a little everywhere, becoming a typical sweet treat in many Italian regions. In fact nowadays fritters ‘recipes vary slightly from town to town, taking a different name depending on the area.

Our frittelle are the original ones form Venice, plain with raising or filled with custard cream. We are also bringing a version with delicious pistachio cream filling.

So, enjoy these sweet specialties, rich in history and tradition, possibly surrounded by joyful music and beautiful masks.

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From freezer to table in minutes, our fully cooked, crispy-coated chicken breast fillets are perfect in a bun, sliced on salads or as added protein in pasta dishes.

Made with only white meat chicken breast strips, no fillers, no preservatives and coated with a crispy, seasoned breading to perfection. They are an easy, flavorful salad topping, pasta topping, or great served on their own. Simply use what you need and store the rest for later!

Give your food menu in Dubai and UAE a tasty kick with our crunchy breaded chicken products. All covered in light, crispy batter, or golden breadcrumbs and infused with a variety of spices to add heft to your sandwiches and salads or crunchy goodness to your main course.

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It’s really difficult to forget the taste of real marzipan from our childhood ! That genuine taste of almonds in nice marzipan fruit or as a fancy figure !

We at Italian Food Masters are bringing to Dubai and UAE the authentic almond marzipan with its characteristic taste from one of Italy’s finest pastries maker ALDA DI PROVENZANO, without egg white and without refined sugars.

With a well measured amount of Apulian almonds, a soft dough is prepared that, depending on the ultimate product that will be made with it, gets a certain quantity of sugars.

Alda combines marzipan with the finest milk and dark chocolates in a broad number of tasteful pralines and also in a range of individually wrapped, sliceable chocolate coated marzipan tronchetto (logs).

The new autumn collection presents a colourful and tasteful assortment of marzipan fruits and vegetables like mushrooms, chestnuts and acorns in elegant boxes for a very unique and classy gift, great for any occasion.

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From the leading Italian dessert company a vaste range of  frozencroissants, cornetti, krapfens, muffins, donuts, coockies and other breakfast and all day pastries for adding value to Dubai and UAE Hospitality sector.

Coming also soon the gluten-free, vegan and sugar-alternative lines, granting healthier ways to satisfy your clients’ sweet tooth without altering taste.

All the thaw-and-serve products qualify as perfect contenders for the restaurateur, cafe owner or individual looking for a post-meal choice without the hassle.

Drawing from their eight decades of experience and constant innovation to create a variety of desserts, Bindi continues to be the menu solution provider for the food service community and meet the needs of consumers as trends give momentum to interest in wholesome confections.

Our Bindi pastries, sweets, desserts, ice cream and gelato represent the most reliable partner for food professionals looking to expand and/or enhance their dessert offerings as they prove to be up-to-date with mainstream habits and fulfill growing demands.

Providing quality products made from the best in raw ingredients collectively contribute to this defining trend and now give way to healthy alternatives made available anywhere. Bindi commitment is one to continuously developing creative and functional options for the global food industry. This passion for pastry has allowed the company to produce a selection of more than 500 high- quality products on such a large scale and with unprecedented service.

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Is the quality of your sponge cake always inconsistent? Shapes and flavours change depending on ingredients, raw material, recipe, weather, etc, etc ?

Sponge cake is one of the oldest known sweet goods. It belongs to the category of “foam cakes” and is very popular around the world, probably because of the short list of ingredients.

Widely used in pastry shops, it is the perfect base for preparing delicious cakes to be filled or topped with any type of cream, such as custard cream, mascarpone cheese, pistachio or hazelnut spread and much more.

A basic sponge cake is composed of only four essential ingredients:

  1. Cake flour
  2. Eggs (whole or yolks)
  3. Granulated sugar
  4. Salt

The earliest recorded mention of sponge cakes was from a Renaissance age Italian baked product. Italian cooks baked “biscuits,” which spread through Italy, England and France. However, it was not until 1615 when the first sponge cake recipe was recorded by the English poet and author Gervase Markham. Still, the cake was much more like a cookie—thin and crispy.

Sponge cakes became well-recognized when bakers started using beaten eggs as a leavening agent in the mid 18th century. Often the batter was poured into elaborate molds, but also into two tin hoops—the precursor to modern cake pans.

To achieve its characteristic light texture, sponge cake needs whipped eggs. It relies on the leavening action of air whipped into and trapped by egg protein. The increase in volume is achieved by trapped air and water vapor that expand during baking.

Baking powder and/or baking soda are sometimes added to sponge cake formulations to provide additional rise through the production of CO2. Such cakes typically have a high volume and feature a light, fluffy texture.

Cocoa sponge cake is one of the variants of the traditional sponge cake. It’s made by adding in the mixture dark cocoa powder.

Ideal for restaurant, bars, hotels, our frozen round and rectangular sponge cakes both traditional and cocoa are Perfectly balanced in flavour and with the right vanilla/lemonish or chocolate aromas.

Take the Sponge Cake out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator between 0 and 4°C for 8-10 hours to thaw. Must be eaten within 8 days.
To keep the product soft longer, store it in its bag.
Once thawed, the Sponge Cake must not be frozen again.

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