Slider fingerfood for linkedin and wordpressWhen it comes to our Austrian supplier of rostis and fries “11er”, their focus is on good cuisine and top quality products.

We buy form them and distribute a range of food solutions quintessentially Street Food revolving around 11 extraordinary potato specialties, sometimes more, sometimes less.

11er have also a direct successful track record of food street operations with expert cooks serving unique dishes in their own trucks for the love of pure enjoyment using the best potatos from the Alps valleys with a dash of Austrian charm.

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Join us at Hydroponic Kitchen Garden

TASTE OF THE WORLD is back at GULFOOD 2020 and this year the main theme is RE-THINKING FOOD.

Join us there from 16 till 20 of February and be part of our Hydroponic Kitchen Garden !

As the exclusive distributor of Urban Cultivator in the Region, Italian Food Masters will present the latest solutions for sustainable, healthy and organic vegetables. Lots of demos and interactive activities with Master Chefs from over 30 Nations in a 650 sq. mt area.


Slider 1 new cakes for coffee shops _linkedin and wordpressSlider 2 new cakes for coffee shops _linkedin and wordpressSince 1940 Bindi has been pleasing customers around the world with top quality innovative frozen bakery goods – day after day.

Anyone can bake a cake but taste and quality are never a coincidence. It takes special skills, sophisticated machineries and tens of years of experience to turn it into a work of craftsmanship, with the right flavours balance, lightness and most of all with a very consistent taste and quality.In fact Bindi expert bakers combine their knowledge and experience with their passion to stir, mix and knead some of the world’s finest ingredients and create beautiful desserts that are internationally loved.

Once the desserts are finished, they are immediately sent into a natural ‘deep frozen’ sleep – to lock in the freshness and fantastic taste.

All Bindi desserts and bakery products are made with great attention to detail and crafted to taste as good as home-made – that’s why you will not find any artificial colours, flavourings or hydrogenated fats.

This month we introduce a range of new delicious cakes that are also conveniently priced to suit all Dubai’s and UAE’s coffee shops need for great value for money cakes that can add value to their operations and enhance customers’ loyalty.

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Slider breakfast cakes for linkedin and wordpressAs the old saying goes, a Good day starts with a Good breakfast and in fact there is nothing more enticing than a nice home made cake on a breakfast buffet even in a 5 stars hotel.

A tasty, light and not too sugary slice of cake with a hand made look add a special touch to a client’s breakfast experience and sensorial journey.

Cakes and desserts occupy more and more a very important role in people’s life all over the world.

Any self-respecting hospitality business can’t fail to have a good section dedicated to sweets on its breakfast buffet set up. Many cakes, however, to be prepared to perfection, require long preparations, complex procedures that not everyone can afford to do because of time constraint, manpower shortage and consistency challenges.

Our new range of breakfast cakes and tarts have been adding real value to the breakfast buffets of many hotels in Europe, America, Asia for many years not only in terms of quality and variety but also of price convenience.

Now available in the UAE and produced by Bindi, Italy’s largest and most famous manufacturer of pastry products for the HORECA sector, all our desserts are ready to serve and include cakes, tarts, panna cotta, croissants, doughnuts,  ice cream and much more.

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Slider pomegranate juice for likedin and wordpressA new unique and high quality product which adds to the extensive list of F&B solutions imported and distributed by Italian Food Masters in the UAE.

A pomegranate juice made from fruit picked at peak ripeness and processed with the shortest time to ensure maximum flavour. Only the most delicious fruits are used with no artificial preservatives, additives, colouring or flavouring.

Our pomegranate juice is native to Sicily where te fruit has been cultivated for centuries in the Mediterranean island. The seeds of the intense ruby-red fruit deliver a lovely sweet flavour.

The sweetness of our colourful, smooth and delicious natural juice comes with an astringency making it also an ideal mixer for cocktails and mocktails. It can be used in many recipes to add a touch of natural sweetness and bitterness. The puree is also a key ingredient in recipes such as sorbets, ice cream, sauces, pastry filling, jelly and jam.

The pomegranate has many health properties owing to the high nutritional content of the fruit. Pomegranate seeds provide a valuable source of dietary fibre and significant concentrations of vitamins A and C. They also contain some B vitamin and minerals such as calcium, potassium and iron. Pomegranates can also boast three times the antioxidant properties of red wine and green tea.


Slider cold cuts for linkedin and wordpressOur new range of premium quality halal certified cold cuts comes in a wide selection with over 30 choices, ranging from international, to local specialty flavours, sliced and pre-packaged. Generally, we have three types of meats: chicken, beef and turkey.

Available in various weight units our sliced cooked meats can add real value to any Dubai and UAE Hotel breakfast and banqueting operation. Additionally they can be used for salads, sandwich fillings and pizza toppings.

All our products are produced using traditional methods and unique recipes in a state-of-the-art production environment where quality, food safety and hygiene are paramount. All our products are in compliance with the relevant halal guidelines

Beef Mortadella,  Pepperoni, Salami, Pistachio Nuts, Roll, Pepper Roll, chicken and beef breakfast sausages  and much more to chose from.

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Pinsa Slider for linkedin and wordpressfancy flavours slider for linkedin and wordpressThe finest range of Pizza Pala, Focaccia and Pinsa created from simple dough, with a 75% liquid to flour ratio, which produces an extremely light, open structured bread that is easily digestible and stays fresher for longer.

During production our products undergo many stages of hand-crafting as the dough is too difficult to be handled by machine, before it is rested and proved for 30 hours. This results in a product, which captures all of the features of classic, Italian bread, which is available part-baked and frozen for the ultimate convenience advantage.

All our pizza pala, focaccia and pinsa taste as good as they look, with a rustic homemade appearance.

Versatility is another key element, their use as a pizza or topped flatbread base may be obvious, but they also work well when cut as breadsticks or as a sandwich bread and warm wrap toasted, baked and grilled.

Available in different shapes and flavors. Square, rectangular, oval, round, wheat, cereals, ancient grains, spelt, turmeric and ginger and much more !

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