It’s beginning to look a lot like….

The most wonderful time of the year is near and you need to plan for your stock of Panettone, Pandoro and nougats. Christmas and New Year’s dining events and celebrations in Dubai and UAE would definitely be incomplete without a panettone on the table and a few can rival our Italian version from Pasticceria Flamigni, panettone bakers since 1930.

Enriched with large golden raisins and a generous amount of candied fruits, the bread is high and light thanks to several risings and the 80 years old mother dough (yeast).

Flamigni exquisite art of pastry making come at the service of the convivial art of dining and celebrating together. Christmas iconic cake, Panettone is the quintessential symbol of the winter festivities delights.

All our panettone are made by hand with superior quality natural ingredients, packed and wrapped in unique luxury boxes, bags, gift papers.

Visit our website or call us now for pre-booking your 2022 Panettone and ensure availability in time for our mid November delivery.

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Looking for the convenience of an authentic French Crepe Bretonne ready made for a quick, easy serve to your demanding customers in Dubai and UAE?

The recipe of the crepe ( which comes from the Latin ‘crispus’, meaning curly) or pancakes goes back to many centuries ago. It is said that in Rome in the 5th century, Pope Gelasius I comforted pilgrims with pancakes, a symbol of the return of sunny days and abundant harvests. With their golden roundness, pancakes evoke the light, the sun and the spring

All over France, especially In Brittany and now almost everywhere in the world crepes have always enjoyed an image as a delicious treat to be shared with others.

Our delightfully buttery crepes provide a quick way of enjoying a tasty treat just like a home-made recipe. You can serve them however you fancy, either plain or filled with chocolate, jam or fruit, providing the perfect means of brightening up your clients’ day!

Our authentic, high-quality crepes are made with fresh ingredients, no pre-mix. They are produced here in the UAE directly by us following an ancient recipe.

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Filling croissants with fresh creams or jams right in front of customers is a new trendy way to upsell pastries in bars and coffee shops all day long.

In fact there is nothing more attractive and indulgent of a freshly baked croissant with an even fresher soft creamy filling.

Let your customers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and rest of UAE enjoy the freshest filling including custard cream, pistachio and choco hazelnut creams. Our innovative dispensers with their unique and elegant look are now available with a special fitted nozzle for filling and topping.  

Our system makes it also more convenient for your operations as you can have only one type of croissant, the empty one !

With just one pump you can also fill and spread our range of premium Jams and Honey directly not only on croissants but also on cakes, toasts, waffles, crepes, yogurts and much more.

So, forget the mess in your displays and storage, breakfast area or back counter. From today better taste, more convenience and higher efficiency are at your fingertips. The use of the dispenser will allow you to always get the right dose, avoiding waste and maintaining the best HACCP practices.

With fewer sugars and lots of fresh fruit, our delicious jams, natural millefleurs honey and healthy chocolate, hazelnut and pistachio creams range products will never be altered in taste or colour. For more information please call us on 04.8829791 or visit our website


For years we have been working with hospitality professionals to offer them a complete selection of hotel supplies.

Italian Food Masters is a company based in Dubai that imports food products from all over the world and supplies them to hotels, resorts, restaurants, coffee shops, catering companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all other Emirates.

We do all this following those values of trust, transparency and respect that are part of our corporate culture and characterize it in all its expressions.  Our mission is to import and distribute in Dubai and the rest of the Emirates the best food products of Italy and Europe. For a long time we have been delighting lovers of Italian, southern and northern European food culture, orienting our choice towards all those products that with their goodness, taste and even beauty guarantee the basis for a healthy diet.

Hotel supplies represent one of our most important business segments. In this particular context, years of experience together with hoteliers and hospitality professionals have allowed us to create a selection of products of the highest quality. Thanks to our breakfast products you can offer your guests every day the inimitable taste of premium quality.

A perfect balance between taste and well-being. This is our recipe for a breakfast, a coffee break, a brunch or a function that will excite your hotel guests every day. We keep this promise thanks to a wide selection of products created over many years of experience in the industry to turn your guests’ dining time into an unforgettable experience.

Are you a hospitality operator looking for the best supplies?  Thanks to the experience accumulated in all these years of activity we have created a selection of excellent products for hotels, restaurants and catering. Call us on 04.8829791 or visit our website


As always, meeting Dubai and UAE hospitality professional’s needs with the best value for money food & drinks is our ultimate objective.

Our latest addition to our portfolio of over 2000 products is an amazing range of tasty, healthy and price convenient fruits in natural syrup for your breakfast buffet or for your pastry operations. We at IFM have just started importing a new range

So, let your clients enjoy the taste of summer anytime with our high quality canned fruits from Turkey in 4.5kg cans.

All fruits, including peaches, plums, cherries, sour cherries, pears, quinches and much more are picked at the peak of the respective season and hand-selected to capture their natural flavours, colours and freshness and to ensure that only the most flavourful delicious fruits go into the cans.

The minimal process and the careful packing allow the fruits to preserve their flavour for long period, their character and their nutritional elements including carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

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From Latin America but with an Italian twist ! Introducing the PAN PADANO, a new innovative mouth watering snack for Dubai and UAE Food Service.

Cheese bread is part of the history and culture of many Latin American Nations. Present at the breakfast and snack tables every day, it is a delight loved by all.

With the typical recipe and the freshest and tastiest ingredients of Italy, ours is the best Cheese Bread in the world. Its excellent quality, texture and flavor made this recipe a pleasure for all palates and unique in its field

Pan Padano rolls are delicious, pillowy, cheesy bread rolls with authentic Grana Padano cheese !

Crispy from outside and with the inner soft, fluffy texture, they are perfect to enjoy on all occasions. With an amazing and rich Grana Padano taste they are also Ideal for sharing plates.

A great idea for your F&B operations! Always have some of our frozen cheese rolls ready in the fridge. When the time comes, just take them out and bake in few minutes.

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We have explored the length and breadth of the world to find the best food and beverages products and the best packaging for your personal and corporate gifts.

Every year we put lots of efforts and resources for creating new, original gift baskets and hampers.

This year our high quality gifts packaging change clothes:  no more baskets, but unique, classy and elegant eco-friendly boxes for celebrating Christmas and Winter festivities, suitable for any situation and ready to reach any destination in Dubai and all UAE.

So, enter the magical world of personalization and create your unique and special gift hampers with the best of made in Italy food and other food specialties.

Christmas is approaching and, even for those who manage a business or a company, it is time to think about the Winter Festivities gifts. The Christmas holidays are in fact the ideal opportunity to show respect and affection to employees, colleagues, customers and suppliers, and to thank them for the work done during the year. Choosing the right corporate gift, however, is not always easy, especially if you have a fixed budget and do not know the recipients’ tastes in depth. So how to find a gift that can be truly appreciated? Christmas baskets with the finest food and specialties made in Italy and from around the world, symbols of tradition par excellence, are the perfect solution to amaze and gratify clients and employees in an original and certainly appreciated way.

Italian Food Masters gift baskets and hampers for Christmas and New Year 2022 contain high quality products and carefully selected typical specialties, in full respect of tradition and the ancient standards of artisanal production. 

Choose the Christmas basket that best suits your needs among our different proposals and amaze your friends, customer and employees in Dubai and UAE with elegant packaging with attention to the smallest details!

Our Baskets and gift boxes are also for every occasion and for any holiday: whether it’s an anniversary, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day or just a birthday, because you know, something good to eat is always a welcome gift.

All our gift baskets and hampers you find at Italian Food Masters can be modified to your liking so that you can get the right gift at the most convenient price for you.

For These Winter Festivities we have the best collection of Panettone, Pandoro, nougats and chocolates and then of course Cheese, Pasta, Risotto, Olive Oils, Vinegars, Jams, Honey, Spreads, San Marzano tomato, Flours and much much more.

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What makes our mini cones, cups and lollies so special? First of all their shape, sizes and varieties then their innovative styrofoam container for the easiest and safest transportation, even for long journeys. 

Our delicious mini gelato treats are made entirely by hand with the best Italian gelato and dark chocolate dipping. Every single element has been studied and combined by our gelato masterchef to seek the best possible balance of taste and textures, in a series of precise phases and processes. From the choice of the crunchy waffle and wafer cones/cups to the creaminess of the gelato filling.

The end result is a mix of sensations, flavors, textures and aromas that lead to a real journey of taste into gluttony, at every taste!

So, whether on a stick or on top of a cone or cup, our ice cream is all artisanal and completely natural, made in Italy only with fresh milk, fresh cream, and carefully selected ingredients such as Belgian extra dark chocolate, Bronte pistachios, Piedmont hazelnuts, toasted pine nuts and many other flavors. 

Conveniently packed in reusable styrofoam boxes, all our mini gelato cones, cups and lollipops are ideal for after dinner desserts, party snacks, coffee breaks, group events and much more !

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Bakery for Italian Food Masters is a serious matter even if the ingredients are few. They must be managed with competence and professionalism to obtain not only a satisfactory result but a product that can amaze our customers and allow them to ensure their clients’ loyalty.

That’s why our Frozen Pizza, Bread and Focaccia production here in the UAE is always enhanced and improved thanks to continuous professional training carried out by some of the most famous Italian master bakers.

During the recent working days alongside Maestro Mirco Quarto, we were able to develop and fine tune the skills for perfect leavening, for the right ingredients and raw materials and in general for all the most modern techniques needed to manage soft hydrated dough.

The successful training has enabled us to produce the finest frozen Roman pinsa, ciabatta, focaccia alla pala, pizza alla pala. This is how we stand out from the competition and supply our Food Service and hospitality clients with premium unmatchable products !

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Nothing signals the Christmas season approaching more than Panettone with its unique intense aroma, its aerated texture, its sweet taste and its colourful packaging.

Panettone is the pinnacle of sourdough baking and a complex fascinating world of technical know-how combined with intuition.

Essential to a good panettone is the dough starter, which is responsible for its unique character and distinguishes one from another. The natural mother dough used by Pasticceria Flamigni, the supplier of our premium Panettone and Pandoro is almost 90 years old !!

Panettone making also requires someone passionate and dedicated to traditional baking, who will treat it like a baby when they make it.

Unlike other bakery products, besides water and flour, panettone requires the addition of large amounts of sugar, butter and eggs. The high fat and sugar content makes the dough delicate, soft, airy, golden-brown, lightly crusted and perfectly domed like a chef’s hat.

Once the starter is ready, it takes Flamigni master baker and his team at least two days to make the bread, which includes mixing the dough, shaping it into 1kg (and even down to 80gr or up to 10kg), proofing, baking, then resting the final product upside down while it cools to preserve the shape.

Some people think that producing a Panettone is like making a brioche but in reality it’s much, much harder. The production process is very detailed and every step must be followed with proper accuracy.  The liquid nature of the dough makes it also difficult to work with and on top of that it requires space, time and manpower.  

Part of the success in producing the right panettone depends also on variables such as the temperature and humidity.

Timing is also extremely important, yet difficult to assess as for instance you cannot open the oven while baking otherwise it will collapse. Even the most expert and experienced pastry chefs are nervous when cooking the panettone.

Our collection of Panettone from Pasticceria Flamigni are fruity, creamy, full of butter and vanilla flavour. The texture is moist, fluffy and not too stringy.  Order or pre book now to ensure selection availability and delivery by mid November 2022.

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