Ciabatta slider for linkedin and wordpressIt was back in 1982 when at a mill in Adria, a town in Veneto Region Arnaldo Cavallari, a miller and flour expert in his late forties, after weeks spent testing new dough mixes and bake-times, refining and adapting existing regional loaves and using his own mineral- and gluten-rich flour,  came up with Italy’s very own dedicated snack bread.

He called it Ciabatta adding also the word Polesana, the area where he lived and worked. It was hailed as the bread that saved Italy from large-scale baguette imports and the associated risk that the French baguette would monopolise their cousins lucrative sandwich market.  Thanks to Cavallari invention, Italy hit back with an equally commercially viable product and rocked the sandwich world for years.

Ciabatta reminds people of the older breads, the ones that were made with natural ingredients, no chemicals. A rustic loaf that is perfect for dipping into soups or sauces. The high hydration in this bread results in a wonderfully chewy center and tons of irregular holes.

The bigger the holes, the better the loaf…The secret to a perfect Ciabatta is in the percentage of water in the dough, a dough that is sticky, wet and fun to manipulate.

Our classic Italian ciabatta is produced by one of Apulia oldest and most famous bakeries using wetter dough and slow-rise techniques that allow the yeast to work its magic. The result is surprisingly light bread with an airy, open-cell interior that’s delightfully chewy and soft. With a rustic appearance and sturdy structure, our ciabattas are made to hold in the flavors of the heartiest sandwich fillings – without getting soggy.

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A new milestone has been reached by 11er – the Austrian supplier of our premium fries and rosti – on their path towards circular energy management and CO2 neutrality with the newly built biogas plant. The biogas plant converts the biogenic residues from the production into biomethane with a natural gas quality which is then used to transport the potatoes to clients and shipping companies. This saves around 5,500 tons of CO2 every year.

Around 2,600 cars with an average annual mileage of 15,000 km could be run for one year on the biomethane produced from 11er potato wastes. Excess biogas is fed into the local natural gas grid in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg.


Slider sweet potatos for linkedin and wordpressOur Frozen Sweet Potato Fries made in Holland are super crispy, perfectly seasoned, and guaranteed to disappear pretty much…quickly!

Only RSPO certified palm oil is used and this palm oil is produced in sustainable plantations under supervision of the “roundtable on sustainable palmoil”.

The production plant works with the newest energy safe techniques and only uses low carbon energy with separate waste cycles that provide ecological benefits. Efficiency in production is being optimized and leaves only a small amount of waste of raw materials, which are captured to processed into cattle feed.

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Slider linkedin wordpressOur high quality Pizza Pala alla Romana bases are ideally developed for Pizzeria, Restaurants, Snack Bars, Wine Bars, Pubs, Delicatessens, Gourmet stores, Bakeries and help F&B operators to cater for any occasion, in particular buffets, parties, brunches, happy hours, cocktails, etc.

Made with the most natural, genuine and just a few selected ingredients like artisanal flour, natural yeast, extra virgin olive oil, salt and water, our rectangular pizza bases are easy to use, requiring no specific professional preparation. Zero wastage,  hassle free handling with no defrosting and simple cooking: In just 4-5 mnts at 250° .

A consistent and “home made” style pizza base that allows for reducing personnel costs and creating savings by eliminating preparation and leavening times, with no need of equipment and associated investments.

Enjoy our crispy-thin, easily-digestible, light pizza plain as it is or with the toppings of your choice.


Slide1Slide3Slide4Slide5Slide6Nowhere can you see so many tempting foods in such amazing quantities and varieties like at the Flamigni Panettoni, nougats and cookies factory

 Flamigni is one of Italy’s top panettone makers and Italian Food Masters have been the ones to proudly introduced their unique products to the UAE market.


The scent of vanilla and candied fruit is wafting magically through the air as processions of golden-brown panettones emerge, two by two, from an enormous, rumbling oven. Cake mixture is spouting from giant pipes and huge industrial mixers are pounding away.


Our Flamigni Panettone is a light-as-air, raisin-studded creation in impossibly gorgeous wrapping that has recently become extremely fashionable here in Dubai. With its biscuity almond crust and brioche-like texture, it’s one of those foods that disappear at alarming speed.


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slide x linkedinAnother unique and value added product from Italian Food Masters! Introducing the one and only Gluten free and lactose free Pizza Margherita in anti-contamination cooking bag. Deep frozen and ready to cook with ZERO risk of cross contamination. Our Pizza is prepared with a dough containing eleven different types of flour, vegetable fibers and starches (naturally gluten and lactose free) combined with the best Italian culinary tradition.


Slider cranberry croquettes 2If you are looking for a restaurant food supplier, look no further! Italian Food Masters offer premium packaged frozen foods to the hospitality industry of the UAE.

Your customers are probably tired of French fries, so serve them something special!

A sweet surprise awaits your guests at the bite of our fantastic potato croquettes with cranberry filling 100% made in Austria. The unique taste of high quality potato from North Tyrol combined with the fruity cranberry filling makes these small potato croquettes an absolute highlight on every menu.

Save resources and money! When you buy frozen potatoes croquette you ensure your customers will be getting a gourmet food product made from the best available ingredients. Seasoned lightly, our potatoes come ready to fry or bake.

This Austrian favorite can be served as a snack, appetizer, as well as paired with beef steaks, turkey and even fondue.